GISC Plans to Commit to ZfA Partnership

Following a yearlong exploration of GISC joining the network of 135 official German Schools Abroad, the GISC Board of Trustees has authorized Director Ben Hebebrand to pursue an official membership agreement with the Zentralstelle für das Auslandschulwesen (ZfA – Central Office of German Schools Abroad).
Our exploration culminated last school year with a two-day visit by our regional ZfA officer, who designated our school as a worthy ZfA German School Abroad based on our curriculum, mission, results, and track record. Throughout the exploration of membership in this network of German Schools Abroad, our school learned that the missions of GISC and the ZfA share common goals such as:
  • Developing bilingualism/multilingualism of students, leading to high competency levels in the German language
  • Emphasizing intercultural learning and democratic values
  • Offering students the opportunity to pursue German and internationally-recognized diplomas so that students may pursue higher education throughout the world
  • Valuing independent and critical thinking 
  • Supporting students of all national backgrounds to immerse in German language and culture
GISC believes that the synergy between the missions of the school and the ZfA will lay the foundation of a long-standing, mutually beneficial partnership.
The German International School Chicago (GISC) is an IB World School that prepares students to become well-rounded, creative, and responsible global citizens. We provide students with a rigorous German-English bilingual education in a supportive and individualized learning environment. GISC graduates will be prepared academically and socially to succeed in an increasingly global world.

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