Elementary School

Elementary School (Kindergarten - Grade 4)

Excitement buzzes throughout our Elementary School. At GISC, we foster curiosity and encourage our students to explore and research the answers to their own questions. Our classrooms are student-centered. Teachers  give students opportunities to lead learning activities, participate more actively in discussions, design their own learning projects, explore topics that interest them, and generally contribute to the design of their own course of study. We promote student agency, whereby our students joyfully become the architects of their own learning, and our teachers become guides to help students stay on track. The students’ voices, their experiences, their cultural and linguistic backgrounds, and their passions are valued and contribute to a rich and exciting learning atmosphere.

Highlights of our Elementary School

  • The majority of subjects are taught in German
  • Curriculum is based on German and U.S. Common Core standards with International Baccalaureate pedagogy
  • Student-Centered Approach
  • Differentiation
  • Individual Learning Time
  • STEAM Workshops
  • Become Bilingual Program (students with little German or English knowledge receive extra support)
  • Math enrichment program
  • Meaningful incorporation of technology into instruction
German International School Chicago is a preschool through 8th grade school that prepares students to become well-rounded, creative, and responsible global citizens. We provide students with a rigorous German-English bilingual education in a supportive and individualized learning environment.

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