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Strengthening Our Community: The Role and Evolution of the GPG at GISC

Weekly Update from the Director – June 7, 2024
Dear GISC Community,

The German International School Chicago Parent Group (GPG) has been a key organization since the school's inception. Its mission is to foster community spirit, bringing families together and partnering with faculty and staff. The GPG has cultivated a relational school community through numerous volunteer activities, including events, school decorations, gardening, flea markets, and babysitting services during school events.
This year, discussions between the GPG and the Board of Trustees have led to the creation of "Ground Rules – Articles of Association of the GISC Parent Group." These rules address essential processes such as elections, offices, communication channels, leadership positions, meetings, and committees within the GPG.
A significant topic covered we would like to share with you today is the funding of the GPG, which includes hosting events and gifting faculty and staff with gift cards during Winter Break and Teacher Appreciation Week. Previously, funds were collected by GPG Room Parents from parents at each grade level. To streamline this process, a $60 per child annual GPG fee will now be included in the first bill of the new school year, eliminating mid-year requests. The attached graph shows that nearly 70% of these funds will be allocated to faculty and staff gifts.
The purpose of the GPG, as defined in the New Ground Rules, is to represent parents' interests, support the school and staff, promote community, and facilitate new contacts and friendships through events and online communication.
We trust that you recognize the importance of supporting and participating in the GPG, given its crucial role in our school community. 
Thank you,

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