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Weekly Update from the Director – February 16, 2024
Dear GISC Community,
I want to express my sincere gratitude to all of you for participating in our recent GISC Community Survey. Your input during the final weeks of January has provided us with invaluable insights into the heartbeat of our community.
Out of the 87 respondents, the majority, 70%, identified as parents, with the remainder being faculty/staff or members of the Board of Trustees. Among parents, the breakdown showed that 25% have children in Preschool, 51.7% in Grades K-4, and 22% in Grades 5-8 – mirroring the demographics from our 2023 survey.
Our survey utilized a 5-point scale, where the two highest ratings indicate a positive sentiment. 
When we compared this year's responses to last year's, here's what we found:
  • 21% of responses remained essentially the same, showing a negligible difference.
  • 51% of responses showed a modest improvement of 2% to 9%.
  • 13% of responses indicated a slight decline of 2% to 9%.
  • 13% of responses showcased a notable improvement of 10% or higher.
  • Only 3% of responses revealed a decline of 10% or more.
The overwhelming majority of responses indicated a positive rating above 80%. No single response featured a "negative rate" above 20%. 
Particularly noteworthy were the high ratings in certain areas:

  1. Faculty received an impressive 92% positive rating for their classroom management, role modeling, and collegiality.
  2. School Leadership and Administrators earned an 85% positive rating for their leadership, problem-solving, and parent engagement.
  3. GISC's reputation as a caring school was highlighted by an 87% positive rating.
Additionally, the following areas received positive responses above the 90% mark:
  1. Faculty
  2. German Language and Literature Instruction
  3. Art Instruction
  4. Physical Education Instruction
  5. Sachkunde and Individuals & Societies Instruction at the Elementary and Middle School Levels
  6. Preschool German Immersion Program
  7. Classroom Technology
  8. Developing and Teaching Global Citizenship
  9. Medical Care for Students
  10. Classroom Functionality for Learning
While no response featured above 20% negative ratings, a few areas did not result in above 80% positive rankings – this was primarily because they received a significant number of neutral ratings on the five-point scale. These responses include areas which GISC will address in the future. Among program areas, we will take a closer look at the School Library, Acquisition of the Spanish or French Language, and High School Guidance. Institutionally, the survey helps us understand that the Adequate Funding of the School warrants our collective attention.
Thank you for participating in our Community Survey!
All the best,
German International School Chicago is a preschool through 8th grade school that prepares students to become well-rounded, creative, and responsible global citizens. We provide students with a rigorous German-English bilingual education in a supportive and individualized learning environment.

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