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Thanksgiving Traditions

Weekly Update from the Director - November 17, 2023  
Dear GISC Community,
Thanksgiving is by far my most favorite holiday. While the day immediately following Thanksgiving is a highly commercialized venture featuring relentless commercial messages, the day of Thanksgiving itself is dedicated to one purpose only – being with friends and family, enjoying a feast featuring traditional foods such as the turkey, sweet potatoes, stuffing made of breadcrumbs, raisins, apples, and walnuts accompanied by cranberries, and of course pumpkin pie. The day is accompanied by classic U.S. pastimes such as parades and football games.
When I first came to the United States, I did not fully grasp nor appreciate this American tradition. Having initially celebrated the holiday with friends of youthful days, I eventually succeeded in getting my own Mom and Dad to buy into the day; and as a father during my adult days, I took no greater delight than spending the day with my own family and creating our own traditions. Board games (Monopoly and chess), long walks through the nearby woods, and trivia contests became our traditions as did get-togethers with new and old friends.
This weekend, I will travel to Washington D.C. to celebrate with my 90-year mother. While neither of us experienced this holiday as a child, we both get it now – this day is indeed about family and friends. And, yes, for me it is also about being grateful. On that note, allow me to thank all of you, our wonderful parents and grandparents, our amazing faculty and staff, our generous supporters and volunteers, and an extra special Shout-Out to our terrific students, some of whom (our 4th grade students) dropped off a note to our administrative staff including yours truly. “Danke, dass du sehr, sehr, sehr, sehr, sehr viel für unsere Schule machst.” Giving and receiving thanks is….awesome.
May your Thanksgiving become a day of family and friends and may you find your own traditions to this day.
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