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Weekly Update from the Director - October 6, 2023

Dear GISC Community,
We are pleased to offer two special assemblies next Friday, October 13 – one assembly is geared toward students in Kindergarten through 4th grade, and the other assembly for our 5th through 8th grade students. Both assemblies will explore the concept of inclusivity, kindness, and empathy.
Our guest speaker is Ms. Randi Moxi, a frequent motivational speaker in school settings and also the author of a children’s book entitled "A Pittie Pool Party."
Our Lower School Assembly centers around the aforementioned book. This beautiful story stars a pitbull dog, and the girl that saved her, and brings wonderful lessons and blessings to classrooms. The book celebrates the power of friendship, non-judgement, acceptance, and themes around dog and animal rescue.
"A Pittie Pool Party" encourages the gift of sharing emotions with friends and family, laying a healthy groundwork for communication and accepting vulnerability. It also establishes an understanding of how judging any person or creature before knowing them as an individual can cause harm to them – and to us. This book embodies the incredible power of friendship, inclusivity, acceptance, and rescuing animals. 
After the book reading, Randi highlights the power of positivity points within the story and shifts the discussion to all the ways that children can make every day great when they use their "superpowers" within and toward themselves, and others.
Our Middle School Assembly is entitled "Bullied But Triumphant." Randi reinforces the themes of individuality, kindness, gratitude, inclusivity, and positivity through her presentation for middle and high school students. She inspires and motivates young people through the sharing of personal stories about challenges she faced being bullied as a girl – and later in life, about being crowned Mrs. Illinois 2014, despite the many adversities that she faced. 
A final message Randi shares is that joining the masses to be cruel is not ever the way to personal success. Instead, it is when we accept others that truly great things can happen.

Thank you,

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